If you want to listen to old songs then you can listen to folk music. This is the traditional music originated in the 20th century. It is also known as the world music, that is because it relates to the tradion.The roots of country music are the folk music of mostly white, working-class Americans.

These people combined and blended pop music, different fiddle tunes, traditional ballads, cowboy songs, and many other different musical traditions from European immigrant communities. Folk music is a blend and combination of both traditional music and the recent genre or more known as “pop music”. Folk music may have be known to have originated from the 19th century but is often applied to music that is older than that.

There is a wide variety of folk music. This genre of music usually depends from where the person resides. With that said, folk music is a style of music that is universal within a community and can be performed by anybody, with whatever available or desired instruments. Folk music varies around the world. Itcan be performed with or without the company of musical instruments. This genre is transmitted orally with unknown composers.

5137076-lots-of-music-note-colorateWhat folk music is

The greatest resemblance between folk and country music is that they have a common ancestor. Both genres originated in communities, in the rural to be particular. They are also rooted upon the story-song tradition kind of music. Aside from their origin, the time of their birth was also during the depression-era. Surprisingly, these two were also launched together. They were brought and showcased to the mainstream at the same period. This is why, up to date, the folk and country music are mistaken for each other. People, up to this very day, get confused with which is which. Not until the mid-century folk revival, the fine line between folk and country music was very vague. But despite their mainstream evolutions, both genres have, nevertheless, managed to maintain their originality.

Differences of folk and country music

The main difference of these two genres is that folk music is more comprehensive and universal than the country music. The country music may have evolved out of the folk music tradition, but it still continues to influence it in its development. But due to improvisation, country music is now far more linked to pop music rather than to folk music. Unlike country music, folk music is not so involved in the development of music. For instance, the show business industry does not often search or recognize folk singers or musicians.This situation is caused by the sub-corporate genre of folk music that is more concerned with the community involvement and speaking for the people.

Characteristic of a folk music

  1. This is in relation to culture of every nation. Differences of each region and the society are emphasized In folk music
  2. This kind of music originates from dances and songs from the ancestors.
  3. This kind of music is passed on from an oral tradition. People learn songs through memorizing and through listening since during 20th century people were illiterate.
  4. It reminds and still celebrate personal and historical events , usually with emotions. An example of this is weddings, funerals and festivals as it outpours mixed emotions on people having this kind of occasion.
  5. The customs and traditions are depicted in this music

Folk music is far more concerned with expressing the thoughts of the performer, may or may not be in behalf of his fellow people. Folk music is also very filled with slang terms. But more than anything else, folk music is to be performed with its respective, designated accent. Country music, in the other hand, can be performed by anybody, for as long as his vocals qualify and suit the music style.Folk music as you listen to it, you can really get into the traditions, superstitions and customs of every country.